Six  years  ago,  A Long Industrial Systems Corporation  (ALONGIS) began to set up and operate the business with major products of the brand MOTORTRONICS - USA in the field of Electrical - Electronic – Hi-tech Automation, this is a top prestigious USA - brand in the world.

Electrical - Electronic – Hi-tech Automation products of MOTORTRONICS - USA began appeared in Vietnam in 2010 and distributed by exclusive distributor of MOTORTRONICS - KOREA is ALONGIS. After more than six years with the best efforts, our company has gradually  developed  and  more  powerful.  We  are always confident and assert that our goods are the products advantage in technology, superior quality, reliability, easy ussing and technical services, after-sales service are very good, always satisfy customers. Currently, numerous products have been trusted Vietnam market, particularly Medium voltage soft start equipment of MOTORTRONICS are accounted for over 50%  market share in the global, as well as Vietnam.

With the slogan "Beyond expectations", ALONGIS wish to provide customers with standard products, best quality and professional service, caring and thoughtful on  over customer expectations. Our efforts  will deliver   a   range   of   benefits   to   the   community, contributing to the building country's development.


Your sincerely,


Gia Kieu Hanh

Chairman of the board - CEO