Strategic vision and core values



ALONGIS aims to become a leader in supplying and transferring equipment, high-tech solutions in Vietnam as well as developing countries in the region.


Building a business-friendly, dynamic and effective to supply the products and hi-tech services and after-sales service to meet the demands of customers; sustainable increase in value for the enterprise; harmony of interests between business, society and employees

Core values

Prestige survival standards of business: Always consider the trust of customers and partners is the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Quality: The commitment for delivering customers quality products and best service.

Working environment: Always continuing efforts in order to creating a cultural environment, friendly, dynamic and professional, with the golden rules of communication, behavior.

ALONGIS success: Customer satisfaction and the staff's engagement are ALONGIS successes.

- With customers: ALONGIS is the first choice.

 - With employees: Always proud to be a member of ALONGIS.